The production of our grapes is a slow and delicate process that we follow carefully, day after day, with the support of agronomists who are specialized in the treatment of the grape varieties of the Piacenza area.

All our grapes originate from the sweet hills of the Val Tidone that surrounds our farm and embrace the Local Councils of Genepreto, Nibbiano, Val Tidone and Trevozzo.

In this place, where time seems to stand still, we are tied by a very strong historical and personal bond, a red ribbon that ties the past of the Scarabelli family – that since 1900 produces its wine here – with the history of the territory of Piacenza and its very precious food and wine resources.

Today the company that Francesco Scarabelli inherited from his grandfather of the same name, passing through his dad Ferruccio, is a reality of the production of wine in Piacenza and extends over 10 hectares of cultivation from which all the grapes used for production originate.



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